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Summer Art Institute

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Categories Arts , Education
Location United States
Cycle Year 2022
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Organization Name (provided by applicant) Community Theatre of Greensboro
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Community theatre of greensboro inc.
EIN 56-6085349
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Contact Name Ms. Gretchen O'shay
Phone 336-333-7470
520 South Elm Street
Additional Information
Used for The Summer Arts Institute is a collaborative theatre arts program bringing affordable access to theatre arts education to Guilford County School students 6-12 years of age including those at-risk, underserved and from Title I schools. Students learn life skills such as self-expression, public speaking, critical thinking and problem solving through a diverse and enriched performing arts curriculum. Additionally, the program speaks to food insecurity and family financial challenges as it provides free breakfast and lunch for each participant, free transportation, as well as low-cost registration and tuition options.
Benefits According to Americans for the Arts, the arts are essential. They teach students innumerable lessons such as practice makes perfect, small differences can have large effects and collaboration leads to creativity. They include in their assessment that arts education has impressive effects on student motivation, attitudes, and attendance. Their research reports that increased access and involvement in arts education encourages students to stay in school, succeed in school, succeed in work and succeed in life. Community Theatre of Greensboro believes in the large body of research that supports this conclusion and is deeply committed to providing experiences that provide critical life skills to young people in our community through affordable access to theatre arts.
Proposal Description


The Community Theatre of Greensboro was founded in 1949 and it is the oldest performing arts organization in Guilford County, North Carolina. Our mission: Bringing our diverse community together to learn about, experience and celebrate the joys of theatre. The Community Theatre of Greensboro is deeply committed to offering affordable theatre arts experiences to meet the developmental and life skills needs of underserved young people in our community. We believe that children of all ages, races, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds deserve the opportunity to have their “learning field leveled” through affordable access to theatre arts. Additionally, we support the large body of research that shows providing affordable access to theatre education to at-risk youth and children brings them the necessary life skills to become productive, contributing, successful members of their community and beyond.

The Program

According to an NEA report, at-risk students who have access to the arts in or out of school have better academic results, better workforce opportunities, and more civic engagement. The study reports these positive outcomes are specifically associated with high levels of exposure to arts for at-risk youth from low-socioeconomic backgrounds.

The Summer Arts Institute is a collaborative theatre arts educational program for Guilford County School children in our community. The program serves students ages 6-12 years of age. Students are divided into groups by age and led by theatre arts counselors who engage them in weekly theme-based activities. The activities integrate collaboration, teamwork, creativity and self-expression with dance, creative movement, singing, acting, improvisation and creative art design. The time frame for implementation is weekly, as each theme is based on a 5-day week. Students have the option of participating for up to a total of 5 weeks.



  • Collaboration – Whether performing in a play, dancing in an ensemble or designing costumes, it requires working with others to achieve desired goals. Age-based collaboration goals are overlaid on weekly theme-based activities including dance, creative movement, singing, acting and improvisation.


  • Creativity – Theatre arts teaches self-expression, individuality and creativity. These life skills add to one’s ability to express oneself in personal and professional relationships. Students’ creativity and imagination are strengthened by creating unique live performances.


  • Critical Thinking – By understanding the creative process, people learn the process of problem solving. Students use critical thinking and problem solving in age-based activities such as improvising short skits and designing set pieces and costumes.


  • Build transferable life skills such as self-expression, self-discipline, leadership and the ability to problem solve.
  • Strengthen creativity and imagination through the study of theatre.
  • Create unique and engaging performance showcases to share with fellow students, teachers and family members.


Effectiveness and success of The Summer Arts Institute are measured by developmental skill growth by age group. The criteria are based on the ability of each participant to accomplish their specific, age-based objectives. These objectives measure success in acting, song, performance, creative art design, dance, creative movement and improvisation. Success for each group is determined by achievement of their objectives.

Specifically, funds from the Dudley T. Dougherty Foundation will be used to assist with the cost of theatre arts and curriculum supplies, guest artists and arts counselors.

Affordable Access

By offering low-cost registration and tuition options, The Summer Arts Institute makes it possible for more at-risk and underserved youth to easily access affordable theatre arts educational and cultural programming and gain critical life skills. Through our collaboration with Guilford County Schools, students receive free transportation, to and from the site, which increases access and provides working families from underserved communities a safe and dependable way for their child to attend the program. Food insecurity and family financial challenges are also addressed by providing free breakfast and lunch for students in the summer, a time when many underserved students who are on free or reduced lunch, go hungry.

How Funds Will Be Used

Funds from the Dudley T. Dougherty Foundation will be used for materials, supplies and administrative support for our Director of Education and theatre arts counselors.