The Dudley T. Dougherty Foundation

Fresh Water For Seniors And Food Drives for poor

Grant Information
Categories Community
Location United States
Cycle Year 2021
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) Specialized Employment Services / DBA Flint STRIVE
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Website http://www. Flint
Contact Information
Contact Name Shari Walter
Phone 810-232-5661
1108 Lapeer Rd
Additional Information
Used for Dudley Dougherty Foundation has assisted Flint STRIVE with Free water drives the last 4 years. In 2020-2021 we also gave away food through The Eastern Michigan Food bank to 125 Senior Citizens . We pay a nominal fee in comparison to what a semi-truck of food, vegetables, fruit and meat costs thanks to you.
Benefits Our Students are low income and considered high risk, however we have Senior Citizens who are the wisdom of communities worldwide imparting wisdom to our summer youth who distribute and carry foods to seniors apartments. The benefit for our youth is the children learn how to give back since they are blessed by Flint STRIVE for 10 weeks of 20 hour employment. The youth are low income ever lost any to the Streets in our 20 year tenure.
Proposal Description Monies from the Dougherty grant are only used for water ( as the water in Flint is still not safe to drink. Water costs 399.00 for 24 bottles and seniors receive 1000.00or less a month and still need to pay rent. Energy both summer and heating which in Michigan is high, especially in the winter. Our Summer Youth Initiative as well as in school youth both assist with these drives winter and summer. We order pallets of water from Nestle as they deliver and are the most reasonable.
Some of the seniors if there health warrants come to Flint STRIVE for our Workforce Development training . Most any senior that attends our 15 day program are only allowed 20 hours a week because of SSI or Social Security.
The seniors also mentor youth who may have an incarcerated parent or a one parent house hold
Every dime of Dougherty money is used to assist seniors with clean water and food.
We hold water drives twice a year and food drives once a year and use discretion and look for quality products at affordable prices