The Dudley T. Dougherty Foundation

Reading & Math Tutoring for Dallas African-American & Hispanic Students

Grant Information
Categories Education
Location Texas
Cycle Year 2020
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) Beacon Hill Preparatory Institute
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Contact Information
Contact Name Charnella Derry
Phone 972-329-7779
1402 Corinth, Suite 257
Additional Information
Used for We supplement school systems and prepare more than 1000 students and families for success by providing reading and math tutoring, parent education, college preparation, and enrichment activities for low-income African American and Hispanic students in South Dallas and surrounding communities via in-school, afterschool, summer, and virtual programs.
Benefits Our students are more effectively served because: 1) They receive customized and individualized instruction 2) in a small group setting (2:1 or 3:1 student/tutor ratio) 3) from tutors of diverse ethnicity; thus providing positive role models.
Proposal Description Americans have always valued education; believing it is a cornerstone of individual and community success. In 2019, 64.5% of white Dallas ISD students met grade level performance in reading while only 35.6% of African American and 42.6% of Hispanic students did. And this was before the Covid-19 pandemic. The abrupt switch to remote learning wiped out academic gains for many students in America, and widened racial and economic gaps. New research suggests that racial and socioeconomic achievement gaps will most likely widen because of disparities in access to computers, home internet connections and direct instruction from teachers. When all of the impacts are taken into account, the average student could fall seven months behind academically, while African American and Hispanic students could experience even greater learning losses, equivalent to 10 months for African American children and 9 months for Latinos (McKinsey & Company). This presents long term economic and social justice challenges for our community.

In 2019-20 Beacon Hill tutored 985 students (69% African American, 25% Hispanic, 95% low-income)in reading and math in after-school, in-school, and virtual summer programs at 22 public schools, charter schools, and community locations primarily in South Dallas and surrounding communities. With your help, we will reach 1056 in 2020-21. Each student is assessed, followed by the development of a customized learning plan. Certified professionals assisted by trained volunteers, provide 2-3 hours of weekly tutoring using the proven Gideon Curriculum ( with integrated exercises, workbooks, and storybooks. Students develop self-discipline, focus, and ability as they progress at their own pace; promoting confidence in their own abilities. Students are given weekly tests to document progress, followed by any needed adjustments with each student. Long-term progress is charted via online software to show improvement and provide instructor training. Parents, teachers, and administrators are given a 6-week scorecard detailing students' progress and upcoming objectives. Six Week statistics are also given to the School Leadership Teams who assess and track the outcomes of in-school programs.

This grant will be used to underwrite tutor and curriculum costs.