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Categories Community , Environment
Location United States
Cycle Year 2020
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice
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Contact Information
Contact Name Ana Gonzalez
Phone 9092759812
3840 Sunnyhill Drive
Jurupa Valley
Additional Information
Used for Continue community advocacy to improve air and water quality in communities of color that have been affected by environmental racism. Build leadership and advocacy skills in community leaders with the support of CCAEJ in regards to the effects of climate change and how the growth of warehouses and trucks are affecting our air quality causing an increase in asthma and cancer rates. Train staff to be more active in building community base and be able to influence policy changes to promote a better quality of life in our communities.
Benefits These monies will benefit the world in fact that through our advocacy and policy changes we can reduce CO2 emissions and pollution in our air and water, which will then reduce asthma and cancer rates in our communities. It will also hep fight the effects of climate change by reducing Greenhouse gases and other pollutants.
Proposal Description For over 40 years, the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ) has committed to working for and with marginalized communities in Riverside and San Bernardino County. As a community based organization (CBO), its primary focus has been to elevate the issues experienced by some of the State’s most vulnerable and disenfranchised communities. Currently, CCAEJ serves a diverse and growing population of over 2 million Latinx, nearly 500 thousand Black Americans, and close to 40 thousand (self-identifying) Indigenous individuals. In addition, CCAEJ focuses on helping to lift the voices of immigrant, monolingual Spanish-speaking, working-class communities who have been impacted by environmental and health injustices. Supporting Civic Engagement for Environmental Health: To support community power building and resident engagement on issues related to environmental justice, climate change and public health in the Inland Empire region of Southern California.

We serve a diverse population in our communities including youth, LGBTQIIA+, Black, Indigenous, People of color, immigrants, disenfranchised and marginalized communities.

CCAEJ has been making great strides in using our Green Zones framework with a focus on having a comprehensive, community-based, solution oriented and collaborative approach. We have led our improvement of statewide air quality and community health within the Inland Valley by:
Leading conversations about renewable energy, electrification and implementing a just transition which includes community members and workers
Creating literature and infographics with up-to-date information on environmental justice, campaigns and leadership development opportunities
Tracking and monitoring incoming warehouse juxtaposed to sensitive receptors
Hosting and supporting Toxic Tours that introduce stakeholders and other leaders to the environment hazards experienced in our area
Conducting a wide net of community outreach within fenceline communities
Facilitating community meetings to advance air quality and the Green Zones work
Identifying Overburdened Communities:
A key component of meeting our goals is identifying the priority overburdened communities within our region. We achieve this by using state of the art technology such as the CalEnviro screening tool, current data developed by scientists at the air districts, and the expertise of community leaders who inform the work and the areas of focus
Policy- through policy CCAEJ is forwarding our goal to reach more robust equitable environmental goals:
SB1000- we are now working on the implementation of this historic bill and continue to educate stakeholders of best approaches in doing so
AB617- CCAEJ has led the conversation of the development of this bill and continues to invite community to participate in the shaping of this bill
Indirect Source Rule (ISR)- CCAEJ is at the forefront of assuring the ISR is strong policy and provides the best measures to protect community, our environment and strong just-transitions policies

CCAEJ continuously trains and hires staff to carry out its mission and goals to improve the quality of life of the communities it serves and Mother Earth. Therefore, we can only survive and continue this needed work with the help of partners like the Dudley T. Dougherty Foundation and many others. Money will be used to maintain our facility open, staff employed, and provide the staff and community with resources they need to continue the advocacy and policy changes we so desperately need. With your support, together we can improve the quality of life of thousands while also addressing the climate emergency our world is currently facing.