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Executive Director

Grant Information
Categories Education , Community
Location United States
Cycle Year 2019
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) Death Penalty Focus
Organization Name (provided by automatic EIN validation)
Contact Information
Contact Name Nancy Haydt
Phone 8056371061
1555 River Park Drive #105
Additional Information
Used for Death Penalty Focus will use the money to fund the development and distribution of animated educational videos explaining the nature of the death penalty. The videos will highlight common misconceptions about the death penalty explaining the exorbitant cost, the decades of typical litigation, the inherent racial discrimination, hundred of innocent prisoners who have been exonerated, the failure as a deterrent to violent crime, the absence of any connection to public safety, etc. Each animated video will cover one topic and will be available across the internet to schools, community organizations, criminal justice supporters, and media outlets.
Benefits School children will be informed about the futility of the death penalty. Voters will be educated about the emotional, political, and fiscal toll the death penalty extracts from the community. Educated voters will be aware of the costly, error-prone, immorality of state-sponsored killing, and vote to abolish the death penalty.
Proposal Description Each animated video will begin with a storyboard. Experienced writers will script the story. Graphic artists will create the video. Writers and artists will be encouraged to produce content at a reduced or pro bono rate. The videos will be available on YouTube, on the DPF website, and social media sites.

The videos will be distributed to schools and educational programs and promoted as curricula suitable for civics or criminal justice classes. The videos will be promoted as educational tools to civil rights and criminal justice organizations who will be encouraged to distribute the videos freely in their communities.

For additional promotion, the videos will be entered into educational video contests.