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Flint Still Needs Water for Residents Please

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Categories Community
Location United States
Cycle Year 2018
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Organization Name (provided by applicant) Flint STRIVE
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Contact Name Shari Walter
Phone 8102325661
1108 Lapeer
Additional Information
Used for The money for the Flint water crisis has been taken back,unfortunately there is still a need as cited by the Washington Post April 9,2018 6200 pipes have been repaired with, 12,000 more untouched that must be fixed by 2020. The reading levels in third graders per CNN went from 41.6 % reading proficiently to 10.7% since the Flint Water Crisis. We want to distribute water to City of Flint residents from 48503,48504,48505,48506, the most impoverished part of Flint with a 42.6% unemployment rate.
Benefits The lead free water will assist students learning processes , at the very least will not interfere with more learning disabilities. The water will allow the City and other non profits , religious leaders and Football, basketball, and rap stars to continue efforts to raise funds and send monies and or water to Flint water pods. Last year Snoop Dogg, Andre' Rison, , Morris Peterson and Javell Mcgee of The LA Lakers donated money and did shows where the proceeds ALL benefited Flint.
Proposal Description Flint STRIVE will purchase pallet's of water from Walmart and Sam's Club for $ 550.00 per pallet. We would like to distribute water weekly as far as the $7,500 dollars will take us and continue to partner with local leaders to obtain more. In Flint presently there are only two small churches giving water out. People start lining up at 3:00 AM.
This will benefit children, Pregnant women, men and seniors. It is an election year and believe me it is a bipartisan issue in Flint, MI.
We will use volunteer's that have attended STRIVE for job readiness to distribute the water, thus the total cost will be water purchases.