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Grant Information
Categories Peace , Education , Environment
Location Texas
Cycle Year 2017
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) Houston Peace and Justice Center
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Contact Information
Contact Name Constance Gray
Phone 713-204-4010
P.O. Box 66234
Additional Information
Used for 1. We will provide scholarships for children to attend Peace Camp Houston, where they can learn to use non-violent conflict resolution, anger management, and about past and present peacemakers who have made and continue to make a difference, while teaching them how they too can make the world a better place. 2. This grant will enable us to hire additional workers to provide better monitoring and interaction with children of higher needs. 3. We will be able to provide more environmentally friendly arts and craft supplies that promote sustainability, along with additional books and updated literature.
Benefits • The funds from this grant will be used to increase attendance of children needing scholarships to Peace Camp Houston to teach them how to be active citizens, leaders, and advocates for peace and non-violent ways of dealing with conflict, thus giving them life skills to be more productive citizens. • This grant will enable us to offer more learning opportunities for our junior counselors to teach leadership skills that will enable them to be more confident peace and justice advocates and leaders in our society. • A good portion of this money will be used in our Women’s Shelter camp to help these children traumatized by violence, to experience unconditional acceptance and see there is another avenue to deal with conflict, thereby letting them see the cycle of violence can be broken and they are not condemned to repeat their parents’ lives.
Proposal Description Houston Peace and Justice Center creates a summer day camp experience for children 5-12, and opportunities for teen junior counselors ages 13-18 to achieve volunteer hours, as well as advanced nonviolence trainin. Using creative activities in arts and crafts, environmental education in gardening, physical activities with noncompetitive games, yoga, meditation, and music, children learn to deal with anger issues, bullies, and conflict resolution techniques. Interactive speakers teach about past and present day peace makers and leaders from around the world. Many of our children come from economically disadvantaged situations and the grant money will be used to provide scholarships to children who would not otherwise afford a summer camp learning experience.

The average cost of Peace Camp Houston is $4,000 per week. This grant would fully fund one week of Peace Camp Houston at the Houston Area Women’s Shelter for the children living there, who are all on scholarship.

Educating our children in the ways of peace, justice, and nonviolence brings hope to all, so that our future can be a more just, peaceful, and nonviolent world. Helping children learn how to be empathetic to others, understand how to channel their own anger productively, and use creativity and logic gives them a head start in being more successful adults and making the world a better place.