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Project Peace for K-12 Students

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Categories Peace
Location United States
Cycle Year 2016
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) Sisters of St. Francis of Tiffin, Ohio
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Contact Information
Contact Name Ann Keefe, grant writer
Phone 419-447-0435 ext. 153
200 St. Francis Avenue
Additional Information
Used for Project Peace will use this money to teach ten nonviolent life skills to up to 990 Northwest Ohio K-12 students in efforts to reduce the incidence of bullying and violence in our schools. This funding will cover a peace teacher stipend for 108 classes, mileage to the schools, and all supplies for the students. Limited funding will also be available to the school to host their own Peace Event to showcase what they have learned to their individual communities.
Benefits By teaching nonviolence skills Project Peace helps create a culture of peace personally, communally, nationally and internationally; Ultimately, the long-term shift will be a change in our community as young students mature into peaceable adult citizens. The effort begins by building awareness of justice issues within ourselves and others and then practicing skills learned helps to integrate nonviolence into daily lives. Project Peace for K-12 students aims will reduce the incidence of bullying and violence in schools by expecting all children of diverse backgrounds to be respected by all and to know what nonviolent skills to apply appropriately if they are not given equal respect from their peers.
Proposal Description During 2017/2018, we expect to offer this program to 490 students in Tiffin, Ohio and also offer this program to an additional 500 students in rural Northwest Ohio. We expect that 90% of the students in these classes will cooperate and demonstrate greater self awareness thru use of nonviolence skills. We wish to reduce the incidence of bullying by 10 % in one school year.

Sister Paulette Schroeder, the leader of Project Peace, has a bachelor’s degree in education and 24 years in the classroom. She attended Nonviolence Training thru the Christian Peacemaking Teams in Chicago, Illinois. Teaching nonviolence skills to school children in both Public and Catholic Schools in this region attempts to override the causes of violence (i.e. disrespect to self, others, and the environment). Classes include teaching ten practical skills to use when the students see or find themselves in an abusive/aggressive situation at school, home, or neighborhood. Skills taught are reinforced with role playing, partner quizzes, and mind tests. Learning these life skills will effect changes in attitudes and will result in appropriate actions in difficult situations.

Pilot educators that we have worked with at Tiffin Middle School have given very positive feedback about our program in the last 3 years. They now ask that we expand the pilot to serve as the arm of peace skills in K-12 schools. We need funding to expand our reach we build peace back into our communities. The goal is to reduce incidence of violence and bullying. Per the Bullying in the U.S. Schools: 2014 Report (released 2015), incidence of bullying is as high as 23% (girls) and 21% (boys) in their 3rd grade year, with bullying continuing throughout the 12th grade in diminished percentages. Most prominence is 3rd-8th grades. This ugly cycle continues as the report shows as high as 23% of boys and up to 12% of girls who were bullied, ALSO bully others in return. We need help to break this cycle. We cannot continue to allow our school children to experience or practice violence.

Project Peace K-12 Budget Details include: Peace Teacher Stipends ($25/class x up to 108 classes/18 months) $2,700; Peace Teacher Mileage ($0.56/mile rate) $ 241; Supplies ($1.50 per student x 500 students) $ 750; and Student Group Stipends for Peace Events (6 events x $50 ea) $ 300. This brings this overall grant ask to $3991 for Project Peace K-12 for 500 students.

We ask Dudley T. Dougherty Foundation to consider the costs for this K-12 peace project of $3991 for up to 500 students. The Sisters of St. Francis have partnered to pay for the salary & benefits of the program leader, Sister Paulette Schroeder and all aspects of the adult portions of Project Peace. We have also solicited the Tiffin Community Foundation for additional pending funding for up to 490 students to meet the overall goal of reaching 990 students in the upcoming 18 months.