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Expansion of Abaphumeleli Home of Safety for orphaned/vulnerable children

Grant Information
Categories Community , Healthcare , Education
Location International
Cycle Year 2016
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) CHOSA INC. (Children of South Africa)
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Contact Information
Contact Name Elizabeth Hunja
Phone 3233276193
220 N Kenter Ave
Los Angeles
Additional Information
Used for Grant funds will be used to increase the number of children housed, clothed, and fed at Abaphumeleli Place of Safety, a home for orphaned and vulnerable children in Cape Town South Africa. Specifically, funds will pay for the children’s school and pre-school fees, school uniforms and other clothing, food and medicine for the children, and electricity and other utilities for the home. Additionally, it will cover furniture and other necessities for the second, new structure that Abaphumeleli recently purchased in order to expand its reach to serve more children.
Benefits One in 5 South African children (an estimated 3.7 million total) are orphans, most having lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. Moreover, one in 3 South African children have experienced domestic and/or sexual abuse. CHOSA exists to ensure that these orphaned and vulnerable children have access to loving homes, nutritious meals, healthcare, and quality education. It is our vision that the children we serve at our partner project, Abaphumeleli Place of Safety, will not only survive but will beat the odds and thrive - completing their education and contributing positively to their communities as healthy adults.
Proposal Description Abaphumeleli Place of Safety was founded in 2004 to house and serve children who are either orphans, or who can no longer live with their families due to abuse. Its founder, Evelyn Makasi, did not have much in terms of resources, but the needs of the children in her community compelled her to respond with compassion and open her own home them. She later acquired the house next door so that she could house more children, and she currently serves 26 orphaned and vulnerable children, all of whom will directly benefit from this grant.

Thanks to funding from CHOSA and other partners, Abaphumeleli is able to provide the necessities children need for a healthy upbringing. In addition to financial support, CHOSA currently provides capacity-building services to Abaphumeleli, training caregivers in best practices as they serve the children, and training administrators in financial bookkeeping and other management tasks. CHOSA also provides opportunities for Abaphumeleli staff to attend trainings and networking sessions with other local community-based organizations. However, CHOSA must continue to bring in funding to cover Abaphumeleli’s ever-growing financial needs. It is for this reason that we submit this proposal on behalf of Abaphumeleli.

The requested funds will be disbursed as follows:
School and pre-school fees: $200/month ($2,400/year)
Food: $250/month ($3,000/year)
Electricity: $40/month ($480/year)
Uniforms and clothing: $40/month ($480/year)
Medicines: $20/month ($240/year)
Furniture and maintenance for new structure: $1,400 (once-off)
Total: $8,000.

As previously mentioned, Abaphumeleli has recently acquired a new structure so that they can expand their reach and house more children. This has been a dream for years, and now it is finally coming to fruition. With a new space and new children comes greater funding needs. The number of children under the care of Abaphumeleli has already increased; grant funds would cover this increase in monthly expenses for the children, such as school fees, food, clothing, and medicine. In addition to funds for monthly needs of the children, we are requesting funds for the furniture and maintenance needed to make the new structure a livable space for the new children who will call Abaphumeleli home. This includes beds, bedding, and kitchen items, as well as educational toys and other materials.

Thank you for your consideration, and for your generous support of CHOSA’s various partner projects over the years. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of the children of South Africa. Attached, please find our tax-exempt status, as well as our 2015 newsletter and photos of Evelyn, Abaphumeleli's founder, and a few of the children served.