The Dudley T. Dougherty Foundation

Younger Group and Preventative Programs

Grant Information
Categories Community , Healthcare , Education
Location South Texas
Cycle Year 2014
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) Palmer Drug Abuse Program of Corpus Christi, Inc.
Organization Name (provided by automatic EIN validation)
Contact Information
Contact Name Wade Fjeld
Phone 361-887-8900
3104 S. Alameda
Corpus Christi
Additional Information
Used for Funding will be used towards our younger group and preventative programs. It will help pay for supplies and retreats. Most of our members are lower income and are not able to pay for outside activities. We teach them how to have fun without the use of mind altering substances.
Benefits Most of these kids have come from generational use of drugs. We are teaching them how to love themselves and to have a higher power that they can be accountable to. These kids are broken and we love them until they can find worth in themselves and truly love themselves.
Proposal Description We have weekly staff meetings. Our counselors get together and go over the strengths and weaknesses of their groups. We find a solution for those that are having difficulties in staying sober. Our goal is to teach these young people an alternative lifestyle to drugs and alcohol. We have three locations, Corpus Christi, Kingsville and Alice. We have day centers (a safe place for them to hang out after school and on school holidays), we take them camping and on other types of retreats. There are 12-step meetings 5 nights a week. We have a weekly preventave meeting for children ages 5-12 that have a sibling or parent that have used mind altering substances. We work with these children at an early age, teaching them how to process their feelings so that later on in their teen years they will have the tools to use instead of turning to drugs to numb their feelings. This grant will be used to help pay for supplies and retreats for these two groups. Last year, 2013, was extremely busy as the PDAP staff worked with approximately 4,976 individuals, conducted over 5,100 twelve-step appointments, and maintained an average monthly attendance of over 1,000 teenagers, young adults, and parents. In addition, PDAP staff spoke to over 6,000 young people, parents, teachers, and community leaders in our area schools, industries and civic organizations about all aspects of chemical dependency.