The Dudley T. Dougherty Foundation


Grant Information
Categories Community
Location South Texas
Cycle Year 2014
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) lott-canada alumni association
Organization Name (provided by automatic EIN validation)
Contact Information
Contact Name Joanna O'riley
Phone (830)947-3549
Address 4062
Additional Information
Used for To assist with the renovations of the historic charles major lytle american legion hall post 818..
Benefits We want to be able to provide a common place where all three groups can share a congregate site to accomplish some worthwhile projects of bee county. To provide a place where all three groups can share resources For each individual to participate at their own pace.
Proposal Description This project is designed to assist with differenct age groups being ble to share experiences. They will be able to meet and enjoy activities designed for their age group. Also this building will be opened during hours that will benefits each group. During the day, the elderly will be able to enjoy each other witout being in a constricted environment. The veterans will be able to share their memories of how they serv our country or just to be with thier peers. The building was built in 1953 on land that was given to the black legionnaires by dudley dougherty and his father. The legionnaires not only held their meetings at the building but it also was used for purposes in the community before intergration by the black community. The buiding will be able to provide that same function to bee county community.

air conditioner/heating-5 ton heat pump/air conditioner-(2) @ $3,885.00each= $7,770.00
equipment/installation/labor-$4,000.00; ductwork(supply & return air)-$2,200.00;
diffusers (grills/return) $800.00; tape, duct (foil backing)
roll-(5) @ $10.00=$50.00; adhesive coating for duct joints-2 pails @ $35.00 each=$70.00

windows(use existing)
corrosion control frames(materials) $200.00; caulking, clear (window glaze)-60 @ $7.00 each=$420.00
polycarbonate sheet (plexiglass)1/4"X4'X8'-7 @ $150.00 a sheet=$1050.00

AIR/HEAT=$ 14,890.00 + WINDOWS $1, 670.00=$ 16,560.00