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Shelter and Supportive Services Program

Grant Information
Categories Community
Location South Texas
Cycle Year 2013
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) Women's Shelter of South Texas
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Contact Information
Contact Name Frances Wilson, president & ceo
Phone 361-884-2900
P.O. Box 3368
Corpus Christi
Additional Information
Used for Funds will be utilized to partially support salaries of staff working directly with adult and child victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The Shelter and Supportive Services program offers core services to assist and empower victims and their children to facilitate the long-term changes necessary to achieve and maintain safe, independent, and violence-free lives. All services are provided at no cost to victims and include: safe shelter, case management, legal advocacy, counseling, rape crisis services, youth-centered services, and rural outreach services.
Benefits It is the mission of the Women’s Shelter of South Texas to prevent and ultimately end domestic violence and sexual assault in South Texas. The Women’s Shelter of South Texas is the only organization in a twelve-county South Texas region specifically designed to address the unique safety, confidentiality, and service needs of victims of domestic and sexual violence in our communities. The goal of the Women’s Shelter of South Texas is to address the immediate needs of those experiencing the trauma of abuse and provide the safety and support needed for victims to explore options for the future that will lead to violence-free lives for themselves and their children.
Proposal Description In 2012 the Women’s Shelter of South Texas provided services to 2,451 adult and child clients across a twelve-county region of South Texas. The following core services provided through the agency’s Shelter and Supportive Services program are essential to domestic violence and sexual assault victims and their families in order to facilitate the long-term changes necessary to achieve and maintain independent and violence-free lives. The agency’s program is on-going, with shelter and crisis services available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

• Shelter/Safe House: The Shelter/Safe House provides safe refuge for up to 65 victims fleeing abusive relationships. A toll-free, 24-hour Crisis Hotline is provided 365 days a year. Security and limited access to the shelter facility is supported through a monitoring system. Food, clothing, and personal items are provided for clients receiving residential services at the shelter facility, and transportation for medical emergencies and to access community resources is provided. Transportation to the shelter for victims fleeing abuse is provided for persons from all counties served. Adult male victims in need of shelter due to domestic or sexual violence are provided referrals to available area organizations, and may receive all agency services including counseling and legal advocacy. Staff ensures male victims seeking shelter are provided referral to a shelter that houses males, are assisted with relocation, or are offered the option to stay in a motel in cases where safety is a primary concern. Additionally, the agency provides comprehensive supportive services to all identified adult and child victims who are residing in the community through services offered in the shelter facility, through four rural outreach offices, and through additional sites that are safe and convenient for clients across the agency’s service area. The physical location of the shelter facility in Nueces County is considered confidential due to the safety and security considerations of the clients served by the agency.

• Case Management Services: Upon entry into the Shelter, each client is provided safety planning, information, and assistance by a Case Manager who provides support and monitors progress towards goals throughout the stay at the Shelter. Each client and family has an individualized service plan developed to address specific needs and identify options. Staff assists each client with resource referrals, employment assistance, life skills, housing, childcare, and food pantry. Support and encouragement are provided in a safe, supportive environment that increases clients’ sense of safety and decreases feelings of isolation.

• Counseling Services: Clients residing at the Shelter and in the community are offered educational and supportive counseling services provided to individuals and in a group setting. Primary issues addressed through counseling include safety planning, building self-esteem, the dynamics of family violence and sexual assault, profiles of batterers, the cycle of violence, and healthy relationships. Counseling is available six days per week at times convenient to clients, including after-school and Saturday appointments for children, with support groups for adults offered during weekdays, in the evenings, and on Saturdays.

• Legal Advocacy Services: A legal needs assessment is conducted for all clients to determine any issues regarding the criminal or civil legal system that need to be addressed. Clients are provided information regarding the criminal justice system, information on their rights and options, assistance in filing for protective orders and obtaining legal aid, assistance in filing for crime victims’ compensation benefits, and are accompanied to court and to the police department in their pursuit of these options.

• Youth Services: Support and comprehensive services to child victims including counseling, play therapy for young children, mentoring for school success, family interaction activities, age-appropriate social/recreational activities, and summer activities. Services are available to youth residing in the shelter and in the community. For children residing in the shelter, on-going services are encouraged after the family transitions to an alternate living environment. The program emphasizes continuity of health, safety, and education as families face the trauma of abuse and re-location issues. Counseling staff and experienced program staff provide services to children and parents to help ensure school attendance and success and provide referrals and transportation to address individual health and wellness needs.

• Rape Crisis Services: Agency staff and trained volunteers respond to the regional rape trauma center 24-hours a day to provide support to rape victims and their families following a sexual assault. Information regarding agency services, crime victims’ rights, and counseling is provided. Follow-up is conducted for all victims requesting agency support. Individual and group counseling is conducted to address the immediate and long-term effects of the assault on the victim and the family. Family members may also receive counseling services to address their individual issues and concerns.

• Rural Outreach Services: Rural Outreach Services are provided in eleven rural counties and in rural Nueces County including safety planning, counseling, information and referral, community education, emergency shelter transportation, and legal advocacy through outreach offices located in Bee County (Beeville), San Patricio County (Sinton), Kleberg County (Kingsville), and Jim Wells County (Alice). Advocates travel to all counties in the service area to provide support to victims at locations convenient and safe for each individual and family. Transportation to the shelter/safe house for persons fleeing abuse is provided or arranged for victims from all twelve counties served. The agency coordinates with law enforcement from all areas to ensure safe passage to the shelter for victims.