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Ruskin Group Theatre Operational Viability Grant

Grant Information
Categories Arts
Location United States
Cycle Year 2013
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) Ruskin Group Theatre
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Contact Information
Contact Name Mike Myers
Phone 310-413-3618
3000 Airport Ave.
Santa Monica
Additional Information
Used for The money gifted from the foundation will be used to support theatrical and performing artists in Santa Monica and throughout the greater Westside of Los Angeles, California. The support these monies will provide goes toward paying artists, production expenses, expanding staffing needs, capital improvements to the facility, and community outreach, such as our "Healing Through the Arts" program.
Benefits The Ruskin Group Theatre has been engaged in the creation of new and vital works of theatre, as well as a respected interpreter of classic, seldomly performed pieces. In the past two years alone we have World Premiered Rex Pickett's "Sideways, the Play", which has since moved on to the LaJolla Playhouse under the care of Tony Award winning director Des McAnuff; and the re-interpretation of the cult classic "El Grande de Coca-Cola" by two of its original creators, Alana Shearman and Ron House. Though our productions may have a global reach, we believe that our work in the community, through our partnership with Mattel Children's Hospital, makes our world a more humane place for both the children who are gravely ill, and our artists, who learn to care for them.
Proposal Description The Ruskin Group Theatre is comprised of a large group of theatrical and performing artists who reside in Santa Monica, CA, as well as throughout the greater the Los Angeles area. We strive to create a world class theatre through the production of both vital new works, and seldomly performed classics.

We exist to benefit our community and the world through exposing it to the transformative art of theatre; to benefit the artistic life of the theatre artist so that s/he can bring to bear in their work all the compassion and empathy of the human spirit, ultimately imprinting that upon our world.

Our artists, our playwrights, and our audiences are both local and international. In the past year we have premiered a new bluegrass musical, "Paradise", that has been optioned by the Martian Entertainment Group in NYC, and "El Grande de Coca-Cola", a smash-hit re-interpretation of a cultural sensation that swept New York and the country in the early 1970's, and in this version, garnered an LA Times "Critics Pick" three weeks in a row. Currently, we are in production on a new play, "Talhotblond", by Kathleen Bates, a chilling and unforgettable cautionary tale for the times in which we live. Based on true events, TALHOTBLOND explores a fantasy world turning all-too-real when, through an internet chat room, a flirtatious young woman excites the passions of a bored, middle-aged man and his youthful rival, leading to an explosive act of revenge.

Our "Healing through the Arts" program currently serves gravely ill children at Mattel Children's Hospital in Santa Monica. Our artists visit with the children, play theatre games, read stories, and generally provide an empathetic and therapeutic companionship and distraction for their suffering.

The Ruskin Group Theatre is able to achieve critical acclaim and wide attention through our focus upon truth in acting, professional standards of integrity, and an unyielding support of the artist in pursuit of these values.

As you can see, our productions have a broad reach, and our artists are both U.S. and internationally born. As an artist community, we provide a base of support in Los Angeles, and a link to the art of acting and performance in a city focused upon television and film. Our audiences come primarily from the greater Los Angeles area, but as well from all over the world. Productions such as "Sideways, the Play" drew from an international base of fans of the novel and movie of the same title; and "El Grande de Coca-Cola", which in decades past has performed throughout the world, has seen audience members from Europe, South America and all points in the U.S.

Grant money will be spent on the following: production costs, such as materials, playwright royalties, advertising, etc.; Artist stipends; "Healing Through the Arts" administrative and facilitative costs; expanded staffing needs; and general capital improvement expenses, such as handicap railing, lighting equipment, and website based expansion and support.