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The Butterfly Project aims to aid vulnerable girls in Kenya

Grant Information
Categories Education
Location International
Cycle Year 2011
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) I CAN FLY INTERNATIONAL Inc.
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Contact Information
Contact Name Latanya Givens
Phone 888-412-9694
5317 Keniston Ave.
Los Angeles
Additional Information
Used for The funds requested will be used to provide transportation, food, educational supplies and living expenses for victims of child marriage, female genital mutilation, child laborers and HIV/AIDS orphans living in a High School dormitory. The dormitory is their primary residence which will cause them to need living items throughout the school year.
Benefits The funds given will create better citizens by boosting self esteem in girls while offering educational opportunities they were previously denied and breaking generational poverty patterns. The participants will also learn leadership and life-skills that will enable them to function in a better living environmnet. These skills will also empower them to join the labor force in an effort to build a self-sustaining livelihood.
Proposal Description The I CAN FLY International organization aims to provide vulnerable girls living within the Machakos District of Kenya and surrounding underserved rural communities, free Secondary education, housing, and enrichment activities that promote higher education, economic growth, self-esteem, and character building. ICFI will aid 100 girls through The Butterfly Project who are victims of child marriage, female genital mutilation, child labor, HIV/AIDS orphans and the exetreme poor. By offering free education and providing exposure to a wide range of programs outside of their normal academic coursework through enrichment activities, we aim to increase enrollment rates at higher education levels and create economic stability, as well as expand the work force locally, regionally and nationally. We intend to boost the self-esteem of each participant through enrichment activities that will ultimately motivate and equip them to take on leadership roles in their community and nation with high ethical standards. These activities are increasingly important at a time when girls in the targeted age group of 12-17 years of age are known to drop-out of school due to a series of economic and social challenges which include early marriages and childhood pregnancy.

Our goals will be met by providing free quality Secondary education five days a week from 7:30am-3:30pm with an emphasis in language arts, computer technology, math and science courses. A team of credentialed teachers will provide level appropriate coursework in the subject areas required by Kenya’s Ministry of Education Department for students in grades 9-12. Students will be prepared to successfully take and pass exams that will permit them to continue their education after graduating from High School.

Participants will reside in the 4000 square foot dormitory facility equipped with beds, showers, closets, living room space and a kitchen facility. Three nutritious meals will be provided each day, seven days a week. Students will be able to live in a safe and comfortable environment that is equipped with learning tools, basic necessities and two support staff that allow them the space, encouragement and reinforcement necessary to grow into productive citizens. Their improved living conditions will have a great affect on their morale, focus, and motivation to succeed.

Enrichment activities that consist of educational field trips, career awareness programs, and character development activities will help young girls realize their God-given potential. The character development activities will specifically focus on ethics, hygiene, nutrition, and health. The above activities are designed to boost self-esteem and expose each girl to new experiences that will help them develop into dynamic young women. The educational field trips will allow girls to travel outside of their normal habitat to experience educational trainings and historical landmarks. The Butterfly Project will also introduce girls to a variety of vocations through career awareness programs designed to broaden their horizons in regards to diverse career options and entrepreneurial opportunities that will create economic stability for themselves and their families.

I CAN FLY International is seeking $10,000 to assist in the educational costs for each participant which includes transportation, meals, books, student living expenses such as beds and hygiene products. The overall project costs are $35,000 for the January 2012- December 2012 total scope of work and activities.