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Child Study Center Diagnoses and Treats Children with Developmental Disabilities

Grant Information
Categories Healthcare , Education
Location Texas
Cycle Year 2011
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) Child Study Center
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Contact Information
Contact Name Joyce Elizabeth mauk, m.d.
Phone (817) 390-2963
1300 West Lancaster Avenue
Fort Worth
Additional Information
Used for This grant proposal for $5,000 is dedicated to help children who have, or are at risk for, developmental disabilities and related behavioral and emotional problems so that these children may achieve their full potential. Child Study Center wants to ensure that all children with developmental disabilities are allowed to reach their full potential without concern about finances. Child Study Center is a regional center of excellence in developmental healthcare treating children throughout Texas.
Benefits This grant is requested to help ensure that all children with developmental disabilities continue to receive the important diagnostic, treatment and educational services they need in order to reach their potential. Our client base includes children from 82 counties in Texas and 13 other states. Services within Child Study Center include Developmental Pediatrics, NIGrads Follow-up Clinic, International Adoption Clinic, Psychology Services, Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism Services Day Treatment Program, Behavior Disorders Clinic, and Jane Justin School.
Proposal Description Child Study Center serves children with developmental disabilities, including behavior and emotional disorders, in the age range of 0-21. These demographics provide a snapshot of our client base:

1. In 2010, Child Study Center served 2,801 children in 9,136 patient appointments.

2. Our client base shows 26% female and 74% male.

3. Ages seen are 0-5, 29%; 6-12, 54%; 13-18, 16%; and 19-21, 1%.

4. Mirroring the populations in north-central Texas, our clients are of these ethnicities: African American, 14%; Asian, 2%; Caucasian, 59%; Hispanic, 21 percent; and other, 4%.

5. The annual income levels of our clients are: under $17,000, 29%; $17,000-$35,000, 19%; and above $35,000, 52%.

A large percentage of children served at Child Study Center are medically covered through public assistance (Medicaid or CHIP), which generally pays only 40 percent of the total costs. Eligible families are encouraged to apply to make sliding scale payments—generally 25-50 percent of the total. It is important to note here that Texas ranks 51st among all states and the District of Columbia in the percentage of children with health insurance. Once all other forms of reimbursement have been exhausted, the Children’s Care Fund assists with the costs of services provided for both the uninsured and underinsured. This fund is essential for the Child Study Center to continue to meet its goal of bringing potential to light for all children who need our help. The funds from this grant request will go directly toward patient care.

For 49 years, Child Study Center has offered children and families a facility where physicians, therapists and other clinicians can evaluate, treat, and manage over 130 disorders with highly specialized services, all under one roof.