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Younger Group Services

Grant Information
Categories Education , Community
Location South Texas
Cycle Year 2010
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) Palmer Drug Abuse Program
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Contact Information
Contact Name Bruce Cooper
Phone 361-887-8900
Additional Information
Used for We will use the money for the Younger Group Services program, serving youth ages 12 to 17, who desire to live a chemical free life through a comprehensive program of fellowship, weekly meetings, "sober social" activities and straight friends.
Benefits PDAP's purpose is to assist and help people, especially young people, overcome the devastating affects of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. PDAP benefits the world through our members learning the tools to overcome their past and become productive members of society.
Proposal Description PDAP is a three-part family program which offers free support group services for both teenagers (ages 12 to 17) and adults who express a desire to find an alternative to drug and alcohol use; for the parents who seek solutions to family and personal conflicts arising from drug or alcohol use by a family member; and for the younger brothers and sisters of drug abusing siblings or parents. Our primary purpose is to carry our love and understanding to others, and to practice the principles of love and honesty in our daily lives, with the help of God as we understand Him.
PDAP's recovery process incorporates twelve steps and twelve traditions. Under the guidance of a trained and dedicated staff, PDAPers share their experience, love, and understanding, solve their common problems, and help others recover from the effects of mind-changing chemicals. PDAP staff and members work to facilitate recovery from the effects of these devastating chemicals; they also work with the abusers' families by supporting them in an atmosphere of love and understanding. PDAP uses no medication or other chemicals in the recovery process. Should medical care be indicated, a client is immediately referred to the proper agency or professional.
For the children and teenagers in our program, it is imperative that there be:
• consistency in and quality control of all phases of the Program;
• available for the teenagers, on a daily basis, qualified and trained staff for encouragement and support to stay sober;
• supervision of all activities and especially of the group meetings where so much of the positive effects of being sober and having fun in the new life style of chemical-free living is communicated to the young people;
• role models of chemical-free, caring, loving, and moral leaders for the young people to relate to and to emulate as they learn to live without drugs and/or alcohol; and
• in charge of the Program persons who are accountable to both the local Board of Trustees and to the community.
For the parents, it is crucial that they can have confidence that their children are involved in a healthy, safe, and productive program. Moreover, the paid staff is vital to the parents developing appropriate parenting skills in dealing with their chemical abusing sons and daughters and in their learning to share these skills and their knowledge with other parents.
Last year, 2009, PDAP worked with 2,900 individuals, conducted 3,528 twelve-step appointments, and maintained a monthly attendance of 700 teenagers, young adults, and parents. Over a five year period, 2004 – 2008, 752 young people earned their 30-day fist, which represents thirty days of continuous sobriety and is a very important step toward living a chemical free life! Also during the last five years, PDAP provided help and services to 11,000 families and individuals and conducted 550 speaking engagements to over 34,000 people throughout the community.