The Dudley T. Dougherty Foundation

The Girls Educational Empowerment Project provides free secondary education.

Grant Information
Categories Community , Education
Location International
Cycle Year 2010
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) I CAN FLY International
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Contact Information
Contact Name Sha' Givens
Phone 1 888 412 9694
Additional Information
Used for The funds provided will be used to construct a water-well on the I CAN FLY School campus in Machakos, Kenya. These funds will help cover the costs of machinery, tools, drill, labor, transportation, and supplies. Funds will also help with the costs of periodic upkeep and matinence of the water-well.
Benefits Due to seasonal droughts and poor living conditions, the people in the Machakos District of Kenya have suffered from a lack of clean water, crop failure and poor sanitation. A grant from the Dudley Dougherty Foundation will benefit 100 students at the I CAN FLY School, including the beneficiaries of the Girls Educational Empowerment Project as well as 300 households throughout the Machakos village. Hundreds of local villagers will be able to attain clean water, along with the students, which will improve their sanitation challenges, and increase food production which will ultimately help them lead healthier, wholesome lives.
Proposal Description We seek support for the GIRLS EDUCATIONAL EMPOWERMENT PROJECT (G.E.E.P.) which will provide free secondary education, housing, and enrichment activities for 60 girls, ages 13-17. The G.E.E.P. will host girls in its fully functional dormitory facility while benefiting from the free secondary education and enrichment activities. The mission of the G.E.E.P. is to empower 60 girls within the first year of the pilot project who lack educational opportunities and resources to achieve, by providing them with the necessary tools that will prepare them to enter institutions of higher education while combating gender disparities among their peer group that will eradicate poverty and foster systematic change.

Based on the assessment of the data collected from regional sources in regards to secondary education drop-out rates among females, and in-person interviews, after witnessing the problem first hand, the board of directors of the I CAN FLY International organization decided the Girls Educational Empowerment Project is the best approach to eradicate poverty, create economic growth, and build stronger families in the Machakos District of Kenya. In collaboration with our partners and local NGO’s we can make the greatest impact in the region by providing free education to those who lack educational opportunities due to economic limitations as well as bridge gender disparities by recruiting girls who have been previously unexposed to educational opportunities and options. It is a common practice for girls to drop out of school due to financial hardships or low expectations from family members due to cultural norms and practices.

Our goals will be met by providing free quality Secondary education five days a week from 7:30am-5:30pm with an emphasis in language arts, computer technology, math and science courses. A team of credentialed teachers provide level appropriate coursework in the subject areas required by Kenya’s Ministry of Education Department for students in grades 9-12. Students will be prepared to successfully take and pass exams that will permit them to continue their education after graduating from High School.

Participants will reside in the 2,500 square foot dormitory facility equipped with beds, showers, closets, and a kitchen facility. Three nutritious meals will be provided each day, seven days a week. Students will be able to live in a safe and comfortable environment that is equipped with learning tools, basic necessities and support staff that allow them the space, encouragement and reinforcement necessary to grow into productive citizens. Their improved living conditions will have a great affect on their morale, focus, and motivation to succeed.

The dormitory facility will be equipped with sinks, showers, a kitchen and toilets to accomodate the recipients who live on the already existing I CAN FLY High School campus. The proposed grant will provide a water-well which is a neccessary addition to the campus since water is a vital part of our everyday lives. The water-well will provide access to clean drinking water, as well as provide water for showers, and other basic needs. The beneficiaries of the Girls Educational Empowerment Project consist of girls who are potential victims of female genital mutilation, child marriage, and HIV/AIDS orphans. We seek to make their living conditions on our campus comfortable, and healthy while they strive to achieve their academic goals.