The Dudley T. Dougherty Foundation

The Beeville Vineyard 2010 Grant Proposal

Grant Information
Categories Community , Education
Location South Texas
Cycle Year 2010
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) The Beeville Vineyard
Organization Name (provided by automatic EIN validation)
Contact Information
Contact Name Bettye Hale - exective director
Phone 361-358-7500 or 361-358-2075
210 N Monroe
Additional Information
Used for This donation will pay for several types of assistance to help clients find and keep jobs - uniforms, workboots, tools, minor car repair, licenses - or help pay for books or tuition to improve their abilities. The limit is $150 per person for the major expenses.
Benefits Career Corner assists men and women to self-sufficiency through material goods as well as educational needs and promotion of self-esteem. We work closely with WorkSource and Coastal Bend College to fill needs that they can not including job-seekers and new hires as well as those furthering their education to better prepare for the future. We refer clients to the college for free makeovers and/or teeth cleaning before their job interview fi possible.
Proposal Description Bee County, population 32,359 has an unemployment rate of 7.8% with a 12% higher poverty rate than the state average. Although showing improvement the Texas drop-out rate remains one of the highest in the nation. Leadership in Bee County's figures of a few years ago showed that 32% of 25 year olds here lack a high school diploma. These job seekers are at a disadvantage in interviews. Improving appearance, education and self-esteem help them meet the standard to find employment in the increasing opportunities expected in Bee County this year and next. Our Career Corner closet has beautiful interview outfits for women as well as purses, shoes and toiletries. Men can usually find suits or dress colthes on our racks.

Most of the services of The Beeville Vineyard are carried out by 30 volunteers. The only paid personnel are the Executive Director (five days a week and 24/7 on call) plus two administrative assistants (who work only one/two days per week each). The receptionist position and showroom supervisor are former Experience Works clients. Their salaries are paid by grants or operations funds. WorkSource positions are paid by their organizations. A security person works two hours a day over the weekends to prevent vandalism by bringing in donations made when no one is here and also prepares food boxes for emergency night-time motel situations.

This proposal is being submitted using the e-mail of Susan Vickery - - administrative assistant to Bettye Hale

Attached: The 2010 budget (3 pages) will be approved at the March board meeting.

File: Our treasurers use a separate computer for their QuickBooks files. It is not connected to the Internet. Treasurer Jon Fischer can be reached at (361) 362-3403 to e-mail copies of any documents needed from his computer.