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Charity League chose The Miracle League for 2011 fundraising campaign.

Grant Information
Categories Community
Location South Texas
Cycle Year 2010
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) Charity League
Organization Name (provided by automatic EIN validation)
Contact Information
Contact Name Lesleigh Wicker landreth
Phone 361-885-0068
242 Rosebud Avenue
Corpus Christi
Additional Information
Used for Charity League is helping The Miracle League of Corpus Christi raise the last portion of the funds needed to construct a special barrier-free baseball field and complex for children and adults with disabilities. The money raised goes toward the baseball field, parking lot, bleachers, changing facilities, and concession areas making them wheelchair and walker accessible with no obstructions. The field is made of a special cushioned rubberized substance with neither grass nor dirt.
Benefits This local project will promote understanding, sportsmanship, friendship, and most importantly pure joy for the players, volunteers and families in South Texas. It is estimated that 7% of the population in the Coastal Bend area has a special need of some type including those afflicted with autism, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, amputees, and the visually impaired. This new field will have a huge impact on our community, as it could serve over 70,000 disabled individuals and their families in the South Texas region.
Proposal Description The Miracle League of Corpus Christi will use the funds we raise to construct a specially designed barrier-free baseball field. It will provide children and adults with special needs an opportunity to play baseball in a safe and accessible environment. The field itself will be made of a special rubberized substance (with no grass or dirt) that is wheelchair-accessible and safe for all players. The field will be the first of its kind in South Texas, but this concept has been repeated and proven at many locations across the country and soon around the world. At the Miracle League Complex, wheelchairs and walkers will be able to easily move anywhere around the field, parking lot, bleachers, changing facilities and concession areas because they have no obstructions. While on the field, every player is assisted by a volunteer "buddy" to help them bat the ball and move around the bases. The new field will be used up to 40 weeks a year, more than any other field in our area. This will make The Miracle League Complex an oasis away from a player's everyday battles.
Let me tell you a little about how The Miracle League got started and what it is about. In 1998, the Rockdale Youth Baseball Association in Rockdale, Georgia formed the first Miracle League in the country. The disabled children in that community had expressed the desire to dress in uniforms, make plays on the field, and round bases. The main concern when this started was the playing surface. They wanted something for players in wheelchairs or walkers so that they could easily move around the field. (Their website will give you a view of what the field looks like: In 1999, the Miracle League gained support and became a source of pride for all involved. During that season, the magnitude of the need for such a program was recognized. The Rotary Club then joined with The Miracle League to help raise money to build a special field. This was the first Miracle League field in the country. Currently there are over 200 Miracle League organizations around the country and 100 fields under construction. The Miracle League currently serves over 80,000 children around the country. They are also working on complexes around the world.
The Miracle League organization has these guidelines for all complexes:
1. Every player bats once each inning.
2. All players are safe on the bases.
3. Every player scores a run before the inning is over.
4. Community children and volunteers serve as "buddies" to assist players.
5. Everybody wins every game!
The Charity League is helping The Miracle League raise the last portion of the funds needed to build the field. Most has already been raised, but we are assisting them with remainder of the money needed. The field should be complete in either the spring or early summer of 2011. We were very impressed by this charity and the committment of their board of directors. I knew that your foundation would want to hear about this amazing organization. You were vital to our fundraising efforts last year for Mission of Mercy. With your help, we were able to raise $201,000 total from our South Texas community so that they could purchase their new mobile health clinic. Thank you! And thank you for your consideration of our 2011 project. One hundred percent of all funds we raise go directly to The Miracle League of Corpus Christi, which will serve those with special needs all over South Texas.