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Mending bones and healing broken spirits

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Categories Healthcare
Location International
Cycle Year 2009
Organization Information
Organization Name (provided by applicant) American Himalayan Foundation
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Contact Information
Contact Name Norbu Tenzing
Phone 415-288-7252
Additional Information
Used for The Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabeld Children is a place of miracles for Nepal’s poorest disabled children—where they receive orthopedic surgeries and rehabilitation. $15,000 provides surgeires and and mends the spirits of 100 poor dis
Benefits At a cost of $150 per surgery, 100 Disabled children from very poor Nepali families will benefit with surgeries and their lives will change forever.
Proposal Description Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (HRDC)

In developing countries like Nepal, physi¬cal disability is more common than in the West, and much more debilitating. Here, we can hardly imagine birth de¬fects, clubfoot, broken bones, and burns going untreated—but in Nepal this is all too common for the poor. This is why Dr. Ashok Banskota, a world renowned ortho¬pedic surgeon, founded HRDC.

Dr. Banskota is a hero in the truest sense—just ask one of the 1,400 kids whose lives were changed this year. Imagine growing-up without resources in a country where a disability means isolation, ridicule, and neglect. Now imagine that child waking up one day able to go to school, move freely, have friends and hope, and be a productive and accepted member of their village. HRDC makes all this possible for so many.
HRDC Fast Facts
Since the hospital opened in 1997 …
40,000 children’s lives have been changed

In 2008 alone …
1,400 surgeries were performed
5,000 children received home visits
8,300 patients were in follow-up care
2,600 orthotic and prosthetic devices were fabricated

Cost per surgery: $150
The total number of children HRDC helped last year: 11,444.